Monday, August 19, 2013

Literacy Tips for Volunteers Readers and Tutors

Do you like to read to children? Here are a few tips to support literacy development:
  • Have fun! Practice ABC songs and poems together
  • Add expressive sounds, such as the sound of a snake
  • Sing, rap or chant the words - invite the child to join in
  • Engage the child - ask them what they think happens next or why something happened the way it did
  • Be a cheerleader! Let them know when they do a good job pronouncing words
If you're a tutor, or thinking about becoming one...
  • Introduce yourself and take time to get to know the student
  • Adjust the work and your style as you learn about the student's abilities
  • Be creative - look for ways to motivate and involve the student
  • Break up the tutoring time into short time slots
  • Adapt to the student if they have visual or audio issues
Tips provided by United Way Worldwide.

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