Friday, May 3, 2013

United Way Director Attends Leadership Conference

Stephanie R. Barksdale, Executive Director of the United Way of Northwest Connecticut, recently attended a United Way Worldwide Staff Leaders Conference in Indianapolis.  The conference was paid through credits granted by United Way.

The three-day event featured a series of learning sessions designed to provide educational and networking opportunities for United Way leaders. Keynote speakers included Brian Gallagher, President and CEO of United Way Worldwide, and Stacey Stewart, President of United Way of America.

Attendees listened to guests ranging from Presidents and CEOs of national and global organizations, government officials, and leaders and members of preeminent Centers of Excellence.  Participants were able to learn about innovative and engaging strategies and explore a variety of topics in roundtable discussions.

"I learned a lot about the impact and importance of grant funding to reduce administrative expenses, inspiring donors to be a force in the community through major gifts, the role of United Way leadership in community impact, and how United Way can improve the high school graduation rate, among other topics," Barksdale said. "Hundreds of executives and staff attend this event.  It gave me a chance to network with United Way peers and learn from them as well."

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