Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mentoring Program Helps Youth

Jennifer Ives-Groebl, a busy mother and Assistant Vice President at Litchfield Bancorp, is making a difference in a child's life as a volunteer of the United Way of Northwest CT mentoring program.
Jennifer volunteered for the program because she understands how important it is for grade school children to build learning habits that will contribute to their future success. Since she began her mentoring experience, she's seen measurable improvement in the student's skills. Her commitment shows that anyone can impact a student’s reading proficiency, attendance, and graduation rate. Early help is critical to future success. Volunteer mentors can provide not only basic instruction, but emotional support and guidance as well.

Individuals who wish to volunteer as a mentor should call the United Way of Northwest Connecticut office at (860) 489-4131, visit the website, www.northwestunitedway.org, or email pat@northwestunitedway.org.

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